About PlayMoto.NL

PlayMoto.NL is a private operated website which is all about Playmobil® motorcycle sets, my private collection and selling of duplicate and hard to get sets.
This is also the home for PlayMoto Toys webshop, since the 1st of December 2015.

PlayMoto.NL & PlayMoto Toys Objectives


First: webshop PlayMoto Toys

Secondly: Providing an insight into PlayMoto's private collection and also into the history & releases of Playmobil® motorcycle- & Truck related sets.

Thirdly: Try to be energy neutral, by recycling as much materials and packaging as possible.

Next to providing information, PlayMoto write's blogs, share my collection, sell new & used Playmobil® sets on my webshop.

During the years i have collected a lot of Playmobil® motorcycle- & truck related sets, and also a lot of parts i have no use for. These were deemed redundant and were sold here in my private shop, all profits floating back to this website and my hobby collecting motorcycle sets.

Due to the positive growth selling Playmobil® sets all over the world, i arrived at a junction. Would i keep doing this, or give it all and follow my dream to open up a real toys store in the Netherlands, filled with Playmobil®?
This changed at December 1st 2015, when i registered my own company with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, NL.
From now on this website will be the home for both PlayMoto Toys & PlayMoto´s blog and collection.



Who is PlayMoto?The person behind the scenes

Married and 40 years old male, living in and is proud of the Westland council in the west of the Netherlands.
Living together with my wife, our daughter & son and Bernese Mountain dog called Budah. Fully employed for the Dutch Government and very proud of my job as Inspector of the Dutch Highways agency "Rijkswaterstaat". This is also a big reason what started my current collection of motorcycles, trucks and snowplow vehicles.

PlayMoto - Owner

What we doServices of PlayMoto.NL

What does PlayMoto.NL do and what can you find on our site?

  • Selling new Playmobil® sets & parts
  • Selling Playmobil® collector items & books
  • Showing private collection
  • Providing background information
  • Writing blogs


What is PlayMoto Toys?Impressum ⁄ Company information

PlayMoto Toys ⁄ PlayMoto.NL
Owner: Martin Frankena

the Netherlands

Contact information:
e: info@playmoto.nl
I: www.PlayMoto.NL
I: www.PlayMotoToys.NL
t: @PlayMoto_NL
P: PlayMoto Toys
FB: PlayMoto Toys

Financial information:
KvK: 64682250
Btw: NL129713326B02
IBAN: NL71ABNA516034626

Terms & Conditions:
2019: PlayMoto Toys Terms & Conditions

Where we sellPlayMoto Toys shop

Where can i buy your toys PlayMoto?