Welcome To PlayMoto.NL!


This website is all about PlayMoto and my collection of motorcycles & my new Toystore "PlayMoto Toys".

This site will show my collection, the sets i'm still looking for and sets i have for sale. A monthly blog about the different sets, releases and Playmobil® news will keep you informed.

Toy Store: My new webshop and part of this site for "PlayMoto Toys" will be opened soon. Please watch our twitter account for news!

Let me know if you like my new site and what you would like to be added.

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Who is PlayMoto? A 42 year old Playmobil® collector from the Netherlands. Primarily collecting motorcycle sets, trucks and special items made by the famous German Playmobil® company in Zirndorf.


Blog 48 3-3-2019: Opening of our new webshop!

Today we have opened our new webshop, come check it out!


Blog 47 Quiet here? Working!

We have been working on something new for our company, read this blog about what and why.


Blog 46 PlayMoto Toys visiting Toyfair 2019 Nürnberg

We will be attending the 2019 Nürnberg Toyfair or Spielwarenmesse 2019.


Blog 45 Sneak preview: PlayMoto Storytime

A sneak preview to a new adventure on PlayMoto.NL, which will come to this website in februari 2019.


Blog 44 Website update

Finally some updates to the site, what happened PlayMoto Toys?


Blog 37 New Porsche Maccan 9376

I do not like horses, but i do like the Porsche series that have been created by Playmobil. So, i decided to get them all. Here's my unboxing & review.


Blog 36 3 times RC Racer, so much fun!

Though not my main collectors theme, these RC-racers really intreagued me and shouted out to me: "buy me, buuuuy me".....so i couldn't resist any longer.


Blog 35 4x Series 12 fi?ures

Playmobil has been recycling and brute forcing their Fi?ures series on their customers. After series 8 i had enough. But every now and then, there are some excellent Fi?gures i do want, just like these four.