About PlayMoto.NL

PlayMoto.NL is a private operated website which is all about Playmobil® motorcycle sets, my private collection and selling of duplicate and hard to get sets.
This is also the home for PlayMoto Toys web shop, since the 1st of December 2015.

PlayMoto Toys Terms & Conditions


Every Toys store and website needs a legal part, which protects both the site/company and the user/buyer. Here you can find our legal terms & conditions for PlayMoto Toys and PlayMoto.NL.




1: General

In these Terms & conditions and on the websites www.PlayMoto.NL and www.PlayMotoToys.NL and/or PlayMoto Toys refer to PlayMoto Toys in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands.
Address: van de Kasteelestraat 91, 2691ZM ’s-Gravenzande, Netherlands.
Tel.nr: 06-13792582
e-mail: info@playmoto.nl

PlayMoto Toys is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague.
KvK-number: 64682250

1a: Definitions

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
AVG: Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (Dutch term for GDPR)
FG / DPO: Functionaris voor de Gegevensbescherming / Data Protection Officer
Seller: refers to PlayMoto Toys
Buyer: The buyer who purchases/orders
Order: Purchased items by buyer from seller
Courier: Shipping or Postal company used to ship orders
Web shop: The PlayMoto Toys web shop, https://www.PlayMotoToys.nl
Agreement: Contract or agreement between buyer and seller as meant in section 4


2: Financial details

BTW number: NL129713326B02
Bank: ABN Amro te ’s-Gravenzande
IBAN: NL23ABNA0528689819
Paypal: info@playmoto.nl


3: Application & Law

The most recent and correct version of these Terms & Conditions can be found at our shop: PlayMoto Toys - Terms & Conditions

Version 1.6EN - 2019. Dutch law is applicable to these Terms & conditions and all contracts and/or legal relationship between seller and the buyer. All conflicts and/or Legal actions will be subject to, and brought forward to the Dutch Court of Justice in the Hague, the Netherlands.
These terms & conditions are applicable and leading to all contracts and/or legal relationship between seller and the buyer. Also read our disclaimer.

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4: Agreement

The sale is final when the the buyer actually completes the process by either clicking on the "order now", "order", "bid", "bid now", "buy", "buy now" buttons in the store or on any auction site, or when an agreement per email or by verbal agreement has been made with the seller. Seller will then send an order confirmation by email confirming the buyers order.
Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and sell the items to other customers, when payment has not been completed for the order within 14 days after completing the buy. If payment is fulfilled by the buyer after this 14 day period, the seller will deliver a product of the same nature to the buyer, under reservations of availability and price changes.


5: Pricing / VAT

All prices are including 21% Dutch VAT and excluding other Governmental charges and excluding shipping costs.
If the buyer is living outside the EU, the buyer can opt to complete the purchase without 21% Dutch VAT. The buyer will then be responsible for paying required VAT charges in their own country.

The Buyer is responsible for paying and reporting any import duties to the Customs in their own country.

5a: Offers

All offers and discounts of seller are on as is basis. Offers are subject to availability of products. Misprints remain reserved at all times.


6: Packaging Materials / Recycling

Seller will re-use any packaging and/or packaging materials for packaging and shipping of buyers order(-s). These materials will be inspected for their quality and ability to be re-used by seller.

Seller will always choose decent packaging and packaging materials to package and ship buyers order(-s). These packaging and/or packaging materials will always be of good quality and ensure the safe transfer of the order(-s). Seller will make use of new packaging and/or packaging materials, if no re-usable packaging and/or packaging materials are available.

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7: Delivery times

Orders placed and paid with iDeal or PayPal before 16:00, will normally be shipped within three working days. Orders paid by bank transfer will be shipped as soon as possible, after the bank transfer has been confirmed, subject to availability of products. Mentioned schedules are indicative and not final. Seller can never be held responsible for any damages or costs due to exceeding the mentioned delivery times or scheduling.

Seller will decide on the appropriate shipping and method of delivery of the order to the buyer. Ownership of the order/products will transfer to the buyer, only after payment has been confirmed and the products are delivered to the buyer. Seller reserves the right to ship the order in partial deliveries. Any extra costs for backorders will be carried by the seller.
Maximum delivery period is 30 days, subject to product availability. Buyer has the right to cancel the contract/buy without any special reasons after the maximum term of 30 days.

It is possible to pickup the order at PlayMoto Toys. When the buyer completes his order, seller will send a confirmation by email and schedule of available pickup times. Buyer needs to contact the seller FIRST, by email or phone to arrange a pickup date and time. If the order has not been collected within 14 days, the seller reserves the right to resell the ordered items to other buyers.


8: Shipping and Shipping Costs

Seller will ship worldwide. All prices as shown by seller are excluding shipping costs. Orders will be shipped with PostNL or can be picked up at PlayMoto Toys. Seller will confirm buyers order to buyers provided e-mail address. Buyer will receive an e-mail with track & trace number for the package, if this has been paid for and subject to availability. Regular packages do not have tracking availability. Order will be shipped by seller after confirmation of payment by the buyer.

Seller will only ship as REGISTERED Shipping in ALL cases, as this is insured and registered. If buyer chooses NOT to pay for registered shipping, the buyer agrees with accepting the loss of any right to claim or returns due to issues with shipping and/or delivery.

8a: Shipping in NL & Belgium

Actual shipping prices can be found on the website of PostNL.
Seller does not charge shipping costs inside the Netherlands only, for paid orders worth over €150,00 (without shipping costs).

8b: Shipping to Europe

Shipping cost to Europe is split in too 2 regions and priced on weight class. Actual shipping prices can be found on the website of PostNL. Insurance is also calculated in 2 tiers: €0-€100 and €101-500).
●         Europa 1 -> Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faeröer isles & Greenland), Germany, France, (incl. Corsica & Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino & Vaticaancity), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (incl. Baleares, excl. Canary isles), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar & Channel isles), Sweden.
●         Europa 2 -> All other European countries (excl.Russia)

8c: Shipping Worldwide

Prices on request, and actual shipping prices can be found on the website of PostNL.

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9: Payment methods

Seller provides several payment options:


10: Canceling and Returns

IMPORTANT: If you want to cancel your order, it is mandatory to cancel this by phone or e-mail to the seller within 24 hours. Without any cancellation from the buyer after this 24 hours period, the seller will automatically see the order as final.

If the items do not meet buyers expectations, the buyer has the right to return the items within 30 days in unopened and undamaged condition and packaging to the seller. Buyer will be refunded the entire purchase price including shipping costs, to that account where the payment was received from. If payment was received in cash, the buyer will NOT receive a cash return, but the seller will transfer the entire amount to a bank- or paypal account as provided by the buyer, within 5 workdays.

Buyer needs to fill out and send two forms by e-mail to retour@PlayMoto.nl for returning their items. The form “modelform for Cancellation” and the “Return form”. Both are supplied with buyers order. Seller will then add a return-number to the returns form and send this back to buyer by email. Buyer needs to keep one copy of this form and add a copy to the returned goods inside the package. This is necessary for correct registration and handling of the returned goods by seller.

In case of returning a shipment, the buyer is responsible for a secure and registered shipping method. Buyer has to be able to proof, that the shipment was returned and shipped correctly. Buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping costs.
Any questions can be directed to our customer service by email to retour@PlayMoto.nl

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10a: Damaged Deliveries

Buyer has the right and should reject any damaged package(s) if this/these is/are presented by the courier to the buyer. The courier will then take the damaged package and will return this to the seller. Seller will hold the courier service responsible for any damages or issues with the package(s) and resend buyers order.
Seller can not be held responsible for any damages or issues in any form or shape as a result of this.
The right to any form of return or guarantees will expire if and when the buyer accepts any damaged package(s).
It is very important and mandatory, that the buyer checks the presented package/order for ANY damages BEFORE accepting the package/order.


11: Warranty

Seller takes every precaution to carefully process and fulfill buyers order and expectations. If buyer finds a quality issue with the ordered product, buyer should directly contact the customer service of the relevant brand and claim product-warranty.
Especially for Playmobil, Plastoy, LEGO or HASBRO, as these companies handle their own claims for quality issues.

Playmobil: Contact Playmobil after sales service through www.Playmobil.com or by email: DirectService_NL@playmobil.de
LEGO: Contact LEGO Customer service on LEGO Customer service or call LEGO at: 00800 5346 5555.

Seller reserves the right to warranty or returns on second-hand and/or used items ordered by the buyer.
Buyer agrees to expire on any warranty or right to returns, and agrees to these conditions automatically when purchasing any used and or second-hand items.


12: Privacy Policy

Seller will not relay any personal details or information from the buyer to third parties, other than mentioned in these terms.
Seller will require a valid e-mail address (optional: telephone number) to be able to contact the buyer on his order.

Seller abides by all legal policies as mentioned by Dutch law in the laws "Wet Persoonsregistraties/ de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens" and the EU "General Data Protection Regulation".
Buyer always has the ability to request and check, delete or change their personal details. To do so, buyer can request this by e-mail to: info@playmoto.nl

All brands and names like Playmobil, LEGO, PostNL and DHL are owned by these respective companies. These are all used by the seller for informative purposes and on fair use policy. PlayMoto Toys is not affiliated to- nor condoned or sponsored by these companies.

12a: Data Protection Officer (DPO)

PlayMoto Toys does not require or has appointed a specific DPO.

12b: PlayMoto Toys: Permission to legally store privacy information

By the GDPR, seller is allowed legally to store privacy information, as mentioned under section 12c of these terms.
Seller needs access to this information, to be able to comply with and fulfill the agreement between buyer and seller as mentioned under section 4 of these terms.
As per article 4, paragraph 11 of the GDPR, PlayMoto Toys is not obliged to actively request permission from buyer, to store the information as mentioned in section 12c of these terms. The required information is necessary to complete the agreement (as mentioned in section 4 of these terms) and buyer agrees to this.

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12c: What privacy information is stored by PlayMoto Toys?

Seller needs and stores the following information from buyers & suppliers to be able to comply with and fulfill the agreement between buyer and seller as mentioned under section 4 of these terms:

This information is what seller needs to be able to verify payment of buyer, and to be able to send the goods as purchased by buyer to that buyer.
Contact information is only required to be able to contact buyer, in case of any issues with the order and/or shipment.

12d: Period of data storage

Seller is required by Dutch law to store and keep all records available for 7 years, for the Dutch Ministry of Finance. After these 7 years, all data will be wiped/destroyed permanently.
Buyer has the option to keep his privacy data stored online in the web shop, for future use. This is an opt-in feature.

12e: Storage and data protection

Seller stores the data, as mentioned in section 12c, in the company financial system in a protected file on a separate storage device. This file can only be accessed locally and by M.Frankena & H.M.Frankena the owners of PlayMoto Toys. The personal computer and the file are both password protected. PlayMoto Toys is responsible for the protection of the provided data.
PlayMoto Toys will always make sure that relevant security and maintenance updates for the operating system, anti-virus systems, firewall's and other software systems are implemented as soon as possible after release, to ensure maximum data protection.

The PlayMoto Toys web shop is provided by MyOnlineStore B.V. and they provide the data storage for the web shop. MyOnlineStore B.V. is therefore responsible for the safety and storage of this data as it is stored on their servers. MyOnlineStore B.V. will also be solely responsible for maintaining their soft- and hardware updates to the highest standard to provide maximum data protection.

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12f: Sharing of privacy data

Seller does not share any of your privacy data with any 3rd party, other then the hereby mentioned ones.
For legal purposes and to be able to comply with Dutch tax laws, it is necessary to share privacy data from our company financial statements and administration, with:

The following privacy details will be shared with a designated courier: Name, Address, Post-/zip code, City, State, Country. This is necessary to be able to ship the purchased product to the buyer.
Shipping labels will be created online in the courier's web application. Each courier will be responsible for their own data protection and privacy policies.


13: Compliments or Complaints

PlayMoto Toys will do our utmost best to provide top service and products to you as our customer.

Are you happy and satisfied with our service and products? PLEASE share this with everybody!

Are you not happy or have a complaint? PLEASE tell US!

Any complaint or compliment can be send to us by e-mail to: info@PlayMoto.nl or by regular mail. We will try to find a satisfying solution for both parties.


14: Agree to Terms & Conditions

By placing your order with PlayMoto Toys, you automatically agree with these Terms & Conditions.
When you do not want to agree with these terms & conditions, you will not be able to place any order or register on our web shop due to the legal obligations and restrictions of PlayMoto Toys.

PlayMoto Toys can not be held responsible for any price changes or deviations in images, colors or information as provided by the manufacturers.

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